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Aliens & Zombies

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Aliens & Zombies

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Everybody wants a piece of you

Xenomorphs, the quintessential alien hunters from space strike fear in the hearts of men. Try to envision a worse fate than being attacked by a 7' nearly indestructible creature with razor sharp teeth and claws and a tail that can cut you in half. Wait a minute, what if the toothy killer decides to NOT kill you but instead, plants a teeny tiny baby alien in your body only to have it grow inside your chest cavity and when it's ready, to BURST out of your stomach! Pretty crappy fate.


Now, imagine the zombie, the unstoppable, fearless, nearly indestructible used to be human who's sole goal it is to consume your brains. Imagine if you will, a small horde of say, 20 walking dead cornering you in an abandoned house. They burst through the windows and doors and eventually get you down on the ground and slowly eat away at your flailing body until they get to the delicate gray matter after clawing through your skull.


Either of the two fates suck pretty bad. To help lighten the mood, we decided to make this cuter than necessary shirt to spell it out in plain English without all the gory details. This Hollywood inspired alien and zombie design is available on super high quality 100% cotton t shirts for men, ladies, and youth as well as hooded sweatshirts. Available in sizes up to 5XL for the guys, 4XL for the girls, and 3XL for the hoodies, it is great for any zombie or alien geek.

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