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King of SEO

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King of SEO

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Burning the midnight oil raising the SERPS!

If you do what it takes to be able to call yourself a King of SEO then by all means, add this puppy to your cart and checkout.   You too, can have this awesome Search Engine Optimization t-shirt or hoodie at your door within a couple of weeks.


Search Engine Optimization has become more and more important with the cost of pay per click advertising going through the roof.  We've been slowly working on our site to get it as SEO friendly for the search engines like google and Bing and hopefully we'll actually start getting some organic traffic for all our blood, sweat, and tears.


SEO tactics have brought floundering sites out of the proverbial google gutter for years now.  It all starts with content because content is king.  (That's another t-shirt, keep a watch out for it)  We're not particularly the best writers here at raidz3ro, but we know how to get some relevant keywords into our content.  Write for humans, but think about the search engines, because they can make or break you.


 I know of one SEO specialist who needs this design.  That would be MyCool King or (@iPullRank) on twitter.  He's the Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire.  Not only does he have KING in his name, this guy is a frakkin genius.  We lurk Michael, trust me, we lurk :D  If you're out there Mr King, let us know when you find us ok?  That will mean we're finally starting to do something with this SEO thing.


Get your KING of SEO design on a t-shirt or a hoodie if you're the King of the North. (Insert Game of Thrones reference here)

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