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I'd kill for some beans

Watch your back, this survivor needs sustenance! Sizing Chart

I'd kill for some beans

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Watch your back, this survivor needs sustenance!

Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you CAN TROLL NOOBS IN CHERNO AND ELECTRO BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE ENERGY NECESSARY TO WREAK HAVOC.


There, now that's out of our system.  Beans are an essential part of any zombie apocalypse survival kit.  They don't need refrigeration (although apparently raw steak doesn't either but we're cool with that), they have slow burning starches for when you need to run 10km to hook up with the rest of your group, and you can eat them cold.


Along with other loot that a survivor can find while running though the countryside, like cans of Coke, Pepsi, and sardines, you'll need to ensure you have other essentials like matches, morphine injectors, pain killers, and bandages.  A weapon is always nice too.  Bandits are everywhere and they will take think nothing of killing you for a measly can of beans.  No mercy.


So, that is the secret.  Kill anything that moves in the DayZ Mod and loot their lifeless corpse for beans and anything else that will help you survive longer.  It's the name of the game...not literally, but you get the picture.


I'd kill for beans is currently available in guys, girls, and youth tees and hoodies for when your temperature drops below 38 degrees.  Don't want to get a cough which will in turn alert the zombies and have them chasing you all over the map!


We're not affiliated with nor endorsed by the DayZ Mod team or BIS.  DayZ is the property of BIS Studios, we just love the game so much.

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