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Center for Zombie Control

Leading the worldwide zombie prevention struggle Sizing Chart

Center for Zombie Control

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Leading the worldwide zombie prevention struggle

The Center for Zombie Control and Prevention or CZC has one mission.  It's to control the alwasy real zombie threat and prevent the zombie apocalypse.


CZC Research is staffed by highly educated scientists in fields like biology, virology, neuroscience, bacteriology, genetics, forensic science, and mycology.


Even though the Center for Zombie Control is doing as much as possible to prevent situations where the living become the walking dead, zombie outbreaks do happen.  The CZC however, is quick to move in on the affected areas and establish a secure quarantine zone so the ZORT, the Zombie Outbreak Response Team can go in and take care of business.


With the CZC and the ZORT, mankind definitely has the upper hand on the threat of the undead.  With time, persistance, and continuing funding from concerned citizens like yourself, this zombie threat will be destroyed once and for all.


This official CZC logo is currently available on guys, girls, and youth t-shirts and hoodies for the colder weather.  The zombie threat is year round.


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